Granada is a wonderful old Andalusian city, actually it won the price for most beautiful city in Spain several times! It offers a lot of possibilities for sightseeing, good food, shopping or just spending some nice time, strolling around the city and enjoying the beautiful views. If you walk through the city, you can see the major arabic influence everywhere. The most important example is of course the Alhambra! An incredibly stunning old palace and fortress complex,If you are in Granada, you definitely have to go and see it. We recommend booking a tour or just the tickets early, because there are strict limits and timeslots. See “La Alhambra y el Generalife“.

Besides that, Granada is also famous for it´s Tapas culture and Flamenco. You can see Flamenco guitar players and dancers all over the town and if you like to see more, you can visit one of the Flamenco caves (“Tablaos”), most of those you can find in the Barrio of Sacromonte.

Tapas you get basically everywhere, although there are a few very nice spots which we can recommend, find more below.  The best view on Alhambra and Granada you will get at the Mirador San Nicolas in the barrio of Albaicin, that barrio is also where most of our food recommendations are  😉

Food recommendations

Here a few personal recommendations for food in Granada, but there is of course a lot more to discover 🙂

  • Very good breakfast you can get in the “Cafe 4 Gatos“. Try a typical Tostada here.
  • Good for breakfast also, but especially good Tapas and solid food with very nice vibes you can get in “Bar Aixa“.
  • In “El Higo” you can enjoy a bit more advanced food in a very pretty patio and restaurant.
  • Seafood and fish lovers should visit “Meson Rincon de Rodri“. Tapas are also fish and seafood and huge there.
  •  “El Bar de Fede” is a really nice Tapas place.


Tourist information

More information about what to see and do in Granada, and how to get around, you can find on the official tourist information page “Turismo Ciudad de Granada“.